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Web design is usually the first stage of a project. At this point, the project is not a website at all, but rather a graphics package. The goal at this stage is to create a design with visual appeal. A research study by academics at Carleton University in Ottawa concluded that web designers have a mere 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression (see: That's how long it can take for a visitor to decide whether they like your web design! So if your site doesn't look good, the chances are that it's not going to reach its sales potential.

For most web designers, their job is done once they have produced an appealing design. At Mutiny, once we have created a design our job is only half-done. To be truly successful, a website needs to meet all of the following conditions:

  • It must clearly show what your company has to offer.
  • If your company offers a large number of products or services, the most important should be prominently displayed.
  • The website's navigation needs to be straightforward and intuitive, so that your visitors can find their way around and don't get lost.
  • Contact details need to be clearly visible.
  • If your website involves e-commerce, your EPOS should involve a familiar routine, so that visitors know clearly what they're buying and how much they're spending.
  • The website should not be cluttered with useless or marginal information.
  • Text should be user-friendly, inviting your visitors to read more.

It might sound simple, but how many sites do you see that encompass the above aspects while looking good at the same time? However, some websites may not be interested in sales and will not want to meet the full list of conditions - for instance, a website designed purely as "art for art's sake."

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At Mutiny Design we are constantly gathering together articles and help guides to assist our clients.

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