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James Keay, Select a Skip

I was introduced to Re-Route Limited t/a Mutiny Design by a business associate who said that he had employed Mutiny to carry out web design and search engine optimisation (SEO) works.

My companies requirements went further than a simple website, for any investment to be worthwhile I had to achieve a good return and knew that I had to find a company that could not only deliver a fantastic design but also get my web site found helping me return my investment and also build a new line of enquiries away from the traditional ones I used every day.

Regarding the web design I was given a project manager who took control of the development and organised all of my requirements into a detailed proposal. He co-ordinated the design and structure of the site coming up with many innovative solutions. The whole process was seamless and I simply had to say I liked or didn't liked something but along with this if there was something I was less keen on I was given a full explanation of why it was important to add for inclusion. When the site was finished we were delighted with it and very quickly started getting positive feedback from clients. We were even approached by other skip companies who asked if we objected to them asking Mutiny to do their own site!

I was rather sceptical about the SEO side of things since I had been approached by many companies, and those that I had contracted with hadn't performed and had charged the earth. I couldn't believe there was a company out there who wouldn't charge until they had delivered the results - in many ways it seems right that you only pay when someone delivers but I appreciated there was a lot of work to do and if you didn't deliver you would have to work for nothing. Maybe they really could deliver.

However we entrusted Mutiny to do what they felt was necessary to improve our natural listings. Over the first few weeks and months progress was slow but I was assured this was all perfectly normal and I had been told at the outset it could take anything from a few weeks to 6 months for the site to improve it's own natural listings. Then suddenly after around 8 weeks we noticed an increase in traffic. We Googled ourselves under numerous key words and saw that we were flying up the ranks.

Now 6 months after the works commenced we have many key words in page one positions. The traffic levels through our web site are like we have never had them before and we are now adding more words to our contract to gain further positioning. Yes it is now costing us money but it is all self funding as the business generated far outweighs the cost of Re-Route's services.

Thank you Re-Route for first class service in every respect and best wishes for the future. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with the only Web Design and SEO company we have ever found has been true to their word!

James Keay
Managing Director
Select A Skip