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Chris Lear, Onesure Insurance

Dear Mutiny,

In relation to your companies products and services please find enclosed my impartial opinions and the service we have received to date.

I was recommended to Mutiny following a conversation with one of my customers who had used your Company to promote his own business.

Working within the personal lines sector of the insurance industry, I knew that the level of competition within my sector was phenomenally competitive
and I must confess to being somewhat sceptical about Mutiny’s claims that not only would they build me a modern user friendly website but more importantly they would be able to direct traffic to it via natural search listings using internet search engines (most notably Google).

Being only a relative small fry in comparison to some of the national insurance companies with multi million pound marketing budgets I thought there would be know way that they would be able to deliver on their claims of page 1 rankings.

After only about 8 weeks we had reached paged 2 rankings and we had started to see an increase in our traffic from this ranking alone, which was a bonus as at that stage we weren’t paying a penny for the service. Then after about 4 months our rankings for the following key words not only hit page 1 of Google but they also held position 1 of page 1 as well.

Bike insurance
Scooter insurance
Moped insurance
Motor trader insurance.

Unfortunately, when our Company undertook a name change, we had to cease use of our old url However we employed Mutiny’s service once again to create our new site, and whilst regretfully we lost all our previous rankings under our old site, our new site has already seen us return to page 1 rankings for the key words scooter insurance, moped insurance and motor trader insurance and I have every faith that given time they will deliver on the remaining key words for which we have employed their services to optimise on our behalf.

Please feel free to pass on my details to any potential new clients who may require a reference or reassurances of your company and the services it offers.


Chris Lear
Managing Director