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Alasdair McGregor, McGregor Polytunnels


I want to thank you for your help developing our website, the story is as follow:

I initially contacted Mutiny Design for a redesign of our outdated website. I picked Mutiny design along with two other web design companies to get an initial assessment of what was required and the cost. My concern was that there would not be enough attention given to what we needed and what was right for our market. We are a small company so I was also concerned that we might not be treated as well as larger accounts. Mutiny Design responded quickly and answered my fears succinctly. I chose to work with Mutiny Design.

From my initial contact through the process to it’s successful conclusion Mutiny Design has delivered on everything that was initially agreed. The development stage was clearly thought out and the communication was excellent. This quickly helped me to understand what could be delivered. The result is a website with perfect design and functionality compared to my initial aims.

The follow up to the development of the site has been excellent. Mutiny has an excellent fault reporting system that is easy to use and they were committed to finishing the project. Finally through good design and without resorting to paid adverts the website has climbed to the top of the page rankings in the areas that are important for the business.

Mutiny Design was the perfect web design partner.

Thanks again,

Alasdair McGregor
McGregor Polytunnels Ltd