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Live photo blurring script - faces, number, plates, etc0

Posted 18 May 2009

In our recent project we came across a need for a script that will blur out part of an image. This feature is mostly needed to make people faces blurred out - but also to remove any personal data, like licence plate numbers, etc. We wanted our users to have a smudge tool that would works exactly like in Photoshop, but in their browser. Unfortunately, as it turns out, it is way too much to ask for from Java Script, and even if we would succeed in adding such a feature, it would most likely work really slowly. At this moment we were left with...

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Using sIFR font replacement1

Posted 13 May 2009

There are several ways of replacing standard web fonts with fonts of our own choosing. In a previous article we have mentioned a few techniques: Cufon, Typeface.js, Facelift Image Replacement (FLIR) and Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR). I would like to show how to use the last technique – sIFR.About sIFRSIFR is an open source dynamic web font replacement. It uses JavaScript and Flash to change HTML text elements into its Flash implementation. So, basically, you can re-render any text available on your website using the font (or fonts)...

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Communication between objects in JavaScript applications0

Posted 08 May 2009

Some time ago, while I was working on a project I again came across a problem that resurfaces from time to time on different projects. Problem in question is object to object communication in JavaScript.At first glance this does not seems to be something difficult to handle, on the contrary it looks to be quite straight forward. What would be simpler than to call other object's method from inside other object? All you need know is what object and what method to call. Then just place it inside desired object's method and everything is...

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Create a simple drop down menu using CSS4

Posted 08 May 2009

If we have a small website with a simple horizontal menu, it can be very straightforward for visitors to use.But, when a small website starts to grow, often we need to add additional menu items.More items in a menu make it less easy to use, and less readable - it is good practise to keep the number of menu items below 7 items. If our menu consists of more elements, it starts to be confusing to our visitors. What if we need a menu with 14 items (or even more)? One solution to this is to create a Drop Down Menu. We want our menu be fast loading,...

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